Jacob Banks Returns With Just What I Thought Visual

Jacob Banks readies his first album on his Nobody Records imprint with the single “Just What I Thought.” The brooding electronic song is the first single and video for his second full-length album coming out this Spring. The suspenseful scenario stars Banks and Nadiah Adu Gyamfi recklessly driving a car. Last year Banks released the For My Friends EP. He shares the story of how “Just What I Thought” came about in a statement:

“With everything happening in the world over the last two years or so, I consistently found myself in a space that I felt powerless. Feeling this level of powerlessness was a new feeling, but in a way I found a new type of power in the understanding that what’s for me will always be for me if I stay ready. “Just When I Thought” is a story of two parts – my rebellion to the feeling and my surrender to the feeling.”

 Banks has not revealed the name of the new album that will be the first on his label. His North American tour will kickoff September 28th in San Francisco and tickets have already gone on sale.