The Mighty Capeech Releases New Single Wanna Go Home

The Mighty Capeech returns with his Rel McCoy-produced “Wanna Go Home.” The single is a checklist of societal problems including the division between those who support and reject the COVID-19 vaccine. Capeech’s frustration with things is personified by McCoy’s pitched-up soul record that shuffles along with a despondent slow-walking bass. The message is also heard in Capeech’s stoic flow revealing a weariness with things that can only be escaped by leaving this world. He makes references to street hustlers like Fred Williamson’s character in Black Caesar, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X as a reminder of the decades-long problems in the Black community. The Toronto native’s “Wanna Go Home” comes three months after he  released “Block Talk” back in August.