Listen: DJ T-1000’s Prisma EP

Techno veteran DJ T-1000’s Prisma EP is brief dancefloor sustenance. The two-song EP’s lasting grooves and unapologetic hardness boasts his pedigree as one of Detroit’s early champions of the genre. The title track sets the heart of beat above 140 BPMs which is then flanked by murky synths, feathery cymbals and pierced with a digital woodblock. “Glitch Behavior” rattles speakers with its volcanic beats before the entrance of serene intermittent keys incites a tinderbox of moving bodies. T-1000’s techno lesson proves that after 3 decades he still has something to say in 2021.

The Prisma EP is available via the Sound Of Berlin which is named after the city T-1000 aka Alan Oldham relocated to in 2005. When the DJ and producer isn’t making music and DJing around the world he continues to work as a graphic designer. He recently had a sold-out show of his drawings and paintings in Amsterdam. The journey that started with him self-publishing his Johnny Gambit comic book in the ’80s, creating artwork for the city’s techno luminaries, hosting an influential public radio show and then recording his own music is still in effect. Listen to the Prisma EP and let it crunch your stress limb by limb.