Independent Artists Can Enter Contest For Placement In The Matrix Resurrections & $15K


UnitedMasters, who call themselves the “record label in your pocket” are celebrating the release of The Matrix Resurrections in theaters and HBO on December 22nd by having a contest for independent artists. Their select UnitedMasters artists can submit songs for possible inclusion in the Wachowski franchise’s The Matrix Resurrections and $15,000. The winning artist would also be included in the film’s promotional campaign. The music should represent Matrix themes, production, creativity, lyrical content, dynamics, mood and emotion. The song must be uploaded to the UnitedMasters app, be clear of any samples and most importantly get people excited about The Matrix Resurrrections. 

Submissions are open now until November 28, 2021. The full details can be found within the UnitedMasters Exclusives section in the app or on the desktop.