Rahsaan Patterson’s Heroes & Gods Is Reimagined By Quentin Harris


Rahsaan Patterson’s Heroes & Gods 2.0 (Reimagined) album is a club dream fully realized by dance music producer Quentin Harris. The original version was released in 2019 but Patterson’s soulful utopia enters another level of pleasure with Harris’ vision of the dancefloor. The reworked songs are a second album borne of high-energy and long nights secluded under the seduction of the DJ. Patterson’s stupedenous vocals flow cohesively within Harris’ arrangements that never lose momentum. The intense rhythmic mandate to dance with a crowd is a conflicted impulse during this time of people disagreeing over vaccine shots and whether the COVID-19 pandemic is really over. But a lot of people will listen to Heroes & Gods 2.0 (Reimagined) at home and have a simulated club experience from the duo’s alliance that sets a new house music archetype. The body-moving fervor of the renewed album is here in time for the rush of holiday partys and outsmarting the sun-deficient days of winter.