Throwback: Corey Glover-Do You First, Then Do Myself

Corey Glover’s Hymns was his first solo album 10 years after being the vocalist for rock band Living Colour. The group disbanded in 1995 and Hymns was released in 1998. “Do You First, Then Do Myself” approached love atypically by comparing it to a curse. Glover’s soulful wail was a warning about passion from a serious romance inevitably driving a person insane. Peter Lord of The Family Stand wrote the song and the music had Living Colour’s heavy metal approach. The rest of Hymns was a mix of funk, blues and soul. Glover put on a performance in the video as a patient in a mental hospital driven mad by love. The brilliance of Hymns received no support from MTV and radio despite Glover’s contract with LaFace Records and having L.A.Reid and Kenneth Edmonds as executive producers of the album. Hymns found its audience amongst Living Colour fans and listeners outside of the mainstream. 

Corey Glover’s last solo project is the 2012 album The Pledge. In 2018 Glover formed the metal group Disciples Of Verity. Their debut project Pragmatic Sanction was released in 2020. They released their single “Remember The Living” in the fall of 2021 and went on a tour of the United States.