Fly Anakin Remembers Sean Price

Fly Anakin’s forthcoming album is introduced with the single “Sean Price.” He pays tribute to the late member of Brooklyn’s Boot Camp Clik and the Heltah Skeltah duo who passed in 2015. The video was shot in the neighborhood mostly in front of Price’s mural and his widow Bernadette makes an appearance. Anakin explained Price’s influence on him in a statement;

“Sean Price inspired me to stand on what I believe in and say whatever I feel no matter what type of beat it is. His influence put me in the driver’s seat, I grew wings and shit.”

Anakin is getting ready for his album to come out next year. Fans are still listening to his Pixote EP and the collaboration album he did with Pink Siifu, FlySiffu. The Richmond, Virginia native is a member of the Mutant Academy collective and has been branching out as a solo artist. Anakin rhymes vigorously over the cinematic beat Evidence produced for “Sean Price.” The album has a planned release for early 2022.