Throwback: Fishbone-Everyday Sunshine

Angelo Moore and Chris Dowd co-wrote “Everyday Sunshine” for Fishbone’s third album The Reality Of My Surroundings. Their wish for each day to be filled with happiness in a world without greed was expressed with their initmitable mix of gospel and rock and horns descended from Sly And The Family Stone. The plea was part of the album’s theme that mostly focused on the state of their Los Angeles environment. Although most Black artists did not get their videos on MTV the Spike Lee directed clip received enough rotation on the network to raise their visibility and expand their fanbase. Fishbone had its most commercial success at this time and they performed “Everyday Sunshine” on the Arsenio Hall Show and Saturday Night Live. Those television performances were important for the world to see because they have always been a band better appreciated live on stage than in their recordings. 

Fishbone released the Instrinsically Intertwined EP in 2014. Lead singer Angelo Moore has recorded two albums with The Brand New Step with the last one being Centuries Of Heat in 2016. The band released the single “Together Again” in 2021. 

Fishbone The Reality Of My Surroundings