Green Lion Crew Teams With Lee “Scratch” Perry & Yaadcore For Green Brain


Production team Green Lion Crew connects with Lee “Scratch” Perry and Yaadcore for “Green Brain.” The psychedelic dub tune came together in 2018 when Zeke Stern of the GLC opened for Perry and his Subatomic Sound Band on the Return Of The Super Ape tour. Stern sent the music to Perry’s bandleader Emch and Perry added his vocals to the track. Reggae singer Yaadcore also became a collaborator because of a prior touring engagement with Stern who had this to say,

“Yaadcore shares a similar energy with Scratch. They are both immensely creative and unique with their music and style. Making music can be like putting together a puzzle sometimes and their combination seemed like a natural fit.”

The song comes out two weeks after Perry’s passing. Jamaican artist Taj Francis made a visualizer for “Green Brain”