Gangster Doodles Reveals New Compilation With Mike G & Lil B’s Champion

Canadian cartoonist Marlon “Gangster Doodles” Sassy is getting ready for the release of his second music compilation. The artist saw the first one come out in 2019 as Gangster Music Vol. 1. Dublin’s All City Records released the first one and will also release Gangster Music Vol. 2. “Champion” from Mike G featuring Lil B is the first single from the compilation. The rap collaboration is low-key and ideal for night driving around the city. The 28-song album has appearances from Dâm-Funk, Black Milk, M.E.D., Teebs, Liv.e and Open Mike Eagle among others. Sassy described his focus for the music in a statement.

“Gangster Music Vol.2 is a living/breathing tracklist of all the music and artists I’ve been obsessively listening to over the past couple of years(and beyond). Every artist that’s on Vol.2 is a creative force pushing boundaries and trailblazing new paths to greatness.”

The official release date for the album is October 15th. Sassy also released his Gangster Doodles book of illustrated rappers, hip-hop life and pop culture figures in 2019 and he is currently working on a graphic novel.