Throwback: Boogie Down Productions-Love’s Gonna Get’cha (Material Love)


Boogie Down Productions’ “Love’s Gonna Get’cha (Material Love)” is one of the rare hip-hop songs to probe capitalist desire. KRS-One’s rap about poverty breeding an apetite for material goods out of necessity and peer approval was told from the standpoint of a young drug dealer who experiences short-lived success until his brother is murdered and things get worse. KRS-One, D-Nice and Pal Joey produced the song that came from the 1990 album Edutainment. The title was an obvious signifier of making music with important messages that can still entertain the audience. The sturdy beats and KRS-One’s delivery of the tragic story accomplished the album’s mission of educating while entertaining. Late Civil Rights and Black Power leader Stokley Carmichal also has multiple interludes on the album. It was only three years earlier that BDP set the groundwork for gangsta rap with Criminal Minded but the death of founding member Scott La Rock changed their style from rapping about violence to promoting peace and enlightenment. Edutainment reaffirmed the importance of BDP to hip-hop and KRS-One’s teacher alias. Boogie Down Productions officially split after their 1992 album Sex and Violence. 

In 2018, KRS-One appeared in the Luke Cage episode Can’t Front On Me as himself and performed “Jack Of Spades” and “Love’s Gonna Get’Cha.”  KRS-One released his 16th studio album Between Da Protests in 2020.