Listen: Candice Hoyes’ ‘Zoras’ Moon Remixed By Natasha Diggs

Candice Hoyes’ “Zora’s Moon” gets a house remix from Natasha Diggs in time to still make summer party playlists. Hoyes’ was inspired by famed late anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston and there is a sample of a 1943 radio conversation she had weaved into the song. “Zora’s Moon” is leading the way to Hoyes’ EP that has contributions from some of the most relevant contemporary musicians including Sullivan Fortner, Casey Benjamin, Keyon Harrold, Chiara Fasi and Joel Ross. Diggs’ retooling of “Zora’s Moon”‘s R&B groove into a ’90s deep house trek is a different kind of mood dedicated to dancing. The singer, who is also an activist, is consistent in her music and politics as she is also responsible for a feminist performance lecture series at Jazz At Lincoln Center and CUNY. Listen to the remix of “Zora’s Moon” and be ready for Hoyes’ untitled EP that will be the next chapter in her evolving womanhood.