Hil St. Soul & Noel Gourdin Sing About A Love That Is Blessed


Hil St. Soul and Noel Gourdin reconnect on their new single “Blessed.” They first sang together in 2014 on the “No Worries” remix following Gourdin’s City Heart, Southern Soul album. The chemistry heard seven years ago is still intact as they croon together about the joy of finding a twin flame. Producer Lorenzo Thomas crafted a romantic tapestry of soul with celestial keys underscored by ballroom-ready rhythms. Hil St. Soul revealed in a statement that when she heard the music she knew Gourdin would be the perfect collaborator. Once he gave his input on being inspired by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell the creative process began and “Blessed” was born. Soul says, 

“The song talks about that feeling of completion you get when you are blessed with a soul mate or special person in your life. It’s a universal theme that everyone can relate to. When Noel came up with ideas, he had Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in mind and wanted to capture that same sentiment and vibe. Hopefully, we’ve achieved that.”

“Blessed” will no doubt become the soundtrack to someone’s summer love but will ultimately land on anyone’s playlist that appreciates courtship accompanied by classic R&B.