Have You Tried These Hip Hop Music Apps Yet?


Music apps are a popular choice for people in today’s app-obsessed climate. These types of apps champion well-known artists such as Lil’ Kim while also promoting smaller, lesser-known acts aiming to make a name for themselves. Essentially, users have access to thousands of tracks in the palm of their hands.

Not every music app is worth downloading, though, especially for fans of certain genres. Whether you’re into modern rap like Drake or old-school favourites like De La Soul, the app options are extensive. In the same way gamers can use a smartphone device to catch Pokemon one minute and then spin the reels of Reel Rush the next, music fans can jump between apps and genres with ease too. In terms of hip hop, though, the offering in this space is impressive, especially if you’re keen to unearth some new music.

With that in mind, here is a look at some of the best hip-hop apps around at the moment. All of the apps featured will be available on both iOS and android unless stated otherwise.


Originally started as a blog to champion new music and emerging artists, Hillydilly now has an app to help users discover new music. You can search by genre and then browse newly added tracks as you go. You can check out the trending music, save your favourites, create your very own playlist, follow other users, and a whole lot more.

Hip Hop Radio

If you’re keen to listen to the freshest hip hop music coming out right now then Hip Hop Radio is a solid option. The app does a great job at housing all of the very best hip hop stations in one place. Then, from there, users can jump between them using the app’s slick interface. The app does a great job at keeping listeners informed on who it is that they’re listening to, with the name of an artist, album, and the picture all featured whenever you’re in the groove.

                                                                      Spinrilla – Mixtapes & Music



Offering news and views from the world of hip hop plus a whole lot more, Spinrilla – Mixtapes & Music is a great app to download on android. As well as keeping up to date on the latest goings-on in the hip hop scene, you can sample a range of documentaries, music videos and interviews. The app comes with a handy offline mode, too, allowing users to create playlists and listen to thousands of tracks while on the go. The app also does an excellent job at highlighting new artists.

Rap Radio+

 A simple and easy to use app, Rap Radio+ is essentially a collection of the best radio stations. With a comprehensive selection of hip hop stations to access from a range of different areas all over the country, its offering is mightily impressive. The only downside to the app is that it doesn’t tell you the name of the track or the artist if you find yourself nodding along to a particular beat. It’s still worth sampling, though.


Indie Shuffle

Don’t let the name fool you: Indie Shuffle isn’t an app solely dedicated to indie music and the overall scene. In fact, the app offers hip hop fans with plenty of choice. You can go from listening to the likes of R&B to Detroit Swindle to grime in what is a good app to tuck into. With its team of writers and curators constantly updating the app, Indie Shuffle will always have a new artist or release for you to enjoy in the morning on your way to work.