Urban Renewal Project Releases Visuals For Will To Survive Featuring Vic Mensa

Th Urban Renewal Project has collaborated with Vic Mensa on their new single “Will To Survive.” The song is from their multimedia series Posse Comitatvs. The song is inspired by everyone’s need to survive during the past year’s pandemic challenge. It is a 7-inch single that will be available for Record Store Day on June 12th. The single comes with a 20-page manga about a young North African recruit’s adventures in the Roman Legion. Group member R. L. says, 

“We drew a lot of inspiration from the fact that we’ve been in survival mode for the past year, just trying to make it through everything in one piece, and that sentiment tied together really nicely with the themes I found myself exploring with these historical military instruments.”  

The band used period instruments from the Meditterranen to add another layer to their jazzy hip-hop sound. The visual finds them performing all alone in the middle of the desert. “Will To Survive” will stream everywhere on June 18th. Find your local record store here.