Coco Benson Evokes The Dance Floor With Majesty

Coco Benson’s late-night club exploration is called “Majesty” and she worked with producer and husband Shizzi to create an Afro-diasporic house groove. Benson was heard from last year when she made the quarantine single “Can’t Wait.” The release of “Majesty” is about celebrating women as she said in a statement:

“Women do it all, women are the backbone to a lot of great things, and this track pays homage to women and speaks to empowering women. I wanted to create a song that every woman or girl could relate to, we are all ‘Majesty’ to someone and it’s something to embrace. This track has my two favourite elements – the house and soulful music vibes, and once Shizzi added his magic finger touches and some piano sensibilities, we knew this song would turn out to be a timeless record.”

Benson debuted as an artist in 2014 with “They Call Me Coco” and soon did a cover of “Taxi Driver” that was popularized by Nigerian highlife legend Bobby Benson, her grandfather. 

The video for “Majesty” takes place in Accra, Ghana and features several Black women dressed in bold colors like gold staring with confidence into the camera. The heat of the Afrobeats rhythms and Benson’s joyful repetition matches the heat of the approaching summer. “Majesty” will appear on Coco Benson’s forthcoming Here We Go Again EP.