Ten City Builds On House Legacy With New Single Feel It Too

Ten City’s legacy as house music icons of the ’80s and ’90s is reinvigorated with the arrival of their new single “Feel It Too.” The original trio of Byron Stingily, Herb Lawson and Byron Burke became staples of the genre when they debuted with “Devotion” in 1987. Stingily’s falsetto had the emotion and clarity to give the group a memorable place as musicians and not a disposable lineup relying solely on the producer. Marshall Jefferson, who became legendary in his own right for creating the anthem “Move Your Body,” was there with Ten City at the beginning producing all their seminal music. Twenty-five years ago the group disbanded and Stingily became the principal of a high school while Jefferson continued to make music.

The pandemic reunited the old colleagues and friends last year and they found themselves reliving their earlier days as creative leaders of Chicago’s house music scene that was influencing the world. The two had discussed a new project in 2019 but it was last year right before the pandemic lockdown when someone from Ultra approached them about making a new Ten City album that their plans became official. “Feel It Too” is on the album called Judgement and that is due to come out in June. There are eight new songs as well as their essential hits “That’s The Way Love Is” and “Devotion.” Louie Vega just remixed “That’s The Way Love Is.”   Jefferson currently lives in Manchester, England and Stingily is still in Chicago. The two of them recently talked about their history and the making of the new album in an interview.