Mara TK Releases Debut Album Bad Meditation


Mara TK returns to music as a solo artist with the release of his debut album Bad Meditation today. The singer-songwriter was the frontman for New Zealand R&B trio Electric Wire Hustle. Bad Meditation is a collection of personal songs about his Māori heritage, loss and love.  He has spent the past five years since EWH released their last album The 11th Sky in 2016 learning new studio gear and finding his lone creative voice. Bad Meditation sounds like a series of soulful dirges blended in with some lighter tones that leave a permanent impression because of Mara’s haunting vocals. He also explained the feelings behind Bad Meditation in a press release: 

“Growing up poor, everything goes through our indigenous lens. Here in Aotearoa, we have our own Gods, our own values, our own ways of speaking that are different to the colonial/capitalist culture.”

Mara TK exclusively wrote and produced all of the songs with a couple of guest appearances from Kenyan R&B singer and songwriter Xenia Manasseh and Māori musician Troy Kingi.