Emanuel Debuts Worldwide With Lyric Video

Emanuel debuts his “Worldwide” single today with the lyric video. The Canadian artist’s new song is filled with his hopes for the future with a pensive musical arrangement. Last year his debut single “Need You” was released and the collaborative video that included submissions from people in 20 countries was curated by actor Idris Elba. Emanuel received his first Juno Award nomination for his Session 1: Disillusion debut EP.  On the creation of “Worldwide” he had this to say, 

“This past year has been a great learning experience for what it means to really manifest something and be appreciative of the things you’ve been able to uncover and draw from within yourself and make reality. But even though we’ve manifested certain aspects of the song – and that’s a beautiful thing – it still wants to be seen out in its fullness. ‘Worldwide’ is a song of affirmation and it’s become a prayer to be able to continue until all of those goals are met in their completion.”

Emanuel’s first full-length album, Alt Therapy comes out June 16th.