Georgia Anne Muldrow Releases Unforgettable From VWETOIII



Georgia Anne Muldrow shares new atmospheric funk in the form of her latest single “Unforgettable.” The hard-slapping beat, synthesizers that twitch and do runs plus Muldrow’s voice that fades into the sonic landscape is perfect car music. There is a sunny visualizer to accompany the track she wrote, produced and performed. She says, 

“I made the song ‘Unforgettable’ with the hope that people can make themselves unforgettable in a positive way. People can hype themselves up in the mirror. Dance and decorate themselves in such a way that they feel that they have that kind of impact on their communities and their families. It’s like a mantra for your own selves: You are unforgettable.”

Muldrow is asking rappers, singers, poets and beatboxers to add their vocals to “Unforgettable” and whichever ones she likes she will post to her Instagram. Participants are to story or post video of their submissions and hastag #VWETOIII and tag @Georgia.Muldrow and @Foreseenent who will re-story their entries. VWETOIII is the third release in her series of abstract hip-hop beats. The album will be released May 21st through FORESEEN Entertainment in partnership with Muldrow’s Epistrophik Peach Sound imprint. The cover art was created by Cape Town artist Breeze Yoko. On March 25th she along with some other black creatives launched an online auction for one NFT of the album and its artwork. The auction is available via OpenSea and Rarible. The bidding will stop on March 21st when the music is released and %50 of the proceeds will be donated to Critical Resistance. 




VWETOIII Tracklisting

  1. Old Jack Swing 
  2. Synthmania Rock
  3. Ayun Vegas ft. Ayun Bassa
  4. Passin Ooout!
  5. Slave Revoltalleway Boom
  6. Unforgettable
  7. Throwback Baps
  8. Slow Drag
  9. Shana’s Back! ft Shana Jensen
  10. Mufaro’s Garden
  11. Love Call Groove
  12. Ghostride
  13. Boom Bap Is My Homegirl
  14. Action Groove
  15. Grungepiece
  16. Afro AF
  17. Yoself