Flying Lotus Has New Music In Netflix Anime Series Yasuke


Flying Lotus gives an early listen to the two songs he has featured in the Netflix anime series Yasuke. “Black Gold” features Thundercat and “Between Memories” features Niiki Randa. The six-episode series was created by LeSean Thomas who worked previously on The Boondocks and stars LaKeith Stanfield as the voice of Yasuke. Flying Lotus was very happy to work on the series and he made a statement about the uniqueness of him and Thomas working on it. 

“[LeSean] and I talked about being outsiders in anime I was like, ‘Why aren’t more Black kids trying to do this? Why is it so out of the ordinary?’ He was saying that it’s because they don’t have examples.”

The songs will be used as the opening credits and closing themes of the series. Flying Lotus and Thundercat just won a Grammy for Best Progressive R&B Album. Yasuke will premiere on Netflix April 29th.