Skypp Reminds You To Fix Yo’ Crown With Rhymefest, Allison Victoria & Jared Thompson


Rapper Skypp combines jazz and hip-hop for his instruction in self-pride called “Fix Yo’ Crown.” The Indianapolis native shot the video with a nightclub theme and there are appearances from singer Allison Victoria, Rhymefest and jazz musician Jared Thompson. He says, “We live in a time where people are realizing their worth. Ownership, confidence, self-love and wealth are in abundance. It’s a beautiful thing. But like the lyrics say, “with power comes corruption.” For every step up, there’s a force trying to make you go backwards. This song is for the people who face those battles daily. You’re a target because you’re a threat. Stay focused and never let them get the best of you. Pick your head up and Fix Yo’ Crown.” The single is from his recently released King Of Indiana album.