Patrick Paige II Shares Visual For Big Plays Feat. Westside McFly

Patrick Paige II and Westside McFly co-star in Paige’s video for “Big Plays.” This is the latest single from his forthcoming If I Fail Are We Still Cool? The two of them rap about how their pockets grow to the size of Rick Ross. The California sun lights up their bragging as Paige spends most of the time working out with weights and hitting a punching bag. It will be the second time the bass player for The Internet has stepped outside the band to release a solo album. His first album was Letters Of Irrelevance from 2018. IIFAWSC comes out May 21st.

Patrick Paige II / If I Fail Are We Still Cool? 


1. Intro (Hard Times)

2. New Habits (ft. Paco)

3. Big Plays (ft. Westside McFly)

4. Curfew

5. Runway (ft. Ohana Bam)

6. 40000 Ft

7. Accountable

8. Ain’t Talkin Bout Much (ft. Syd)

9. Whisper (Want My Luv) (ft. Steve Lacy, Allen Love, Durand Bernarr)

10. Good Grace (ft. Ohana Bum)

11. So They Say

12. Who Am I

13. West Side Player S**t (ft. Westside McFly)

14. Freestyle (ft. Saba)

15. Feelin Myself (ft. Bowie)

16. Sun Up

17. Outro (Wake Up)