Nova Collaborates With Fasina For Can’t Complain


Nova and his frequent collaborator Fasina have linked again but this time it’s for his latest single “Can’t Complain.” The duo take turns making romantic promises to their women over producer BeatsByDamie’s dreamy vibes and delicate snare drums. Their words and music together create a feeling of tipsiness and visions of couples dancing under a night sky filled with stars. Nova states in a press release that “Can’t Complain” was his way of creating music that he and all his friends could listen to when they hang instead of their usual battle over who controls the sounds. On the first listen, the assumption is that their intentions are solely for intimate times but “Can’t Complain” has the dual advantage of offering love and communal energy of a party at the same time. The single is another preview on the way to the release of Nova’s album S.T.A.Y. II later this year.