NEZ Goes Straight To The Money With Flo Milli & 8AE


NEZ leads his dance music revolution with the support of Flo Milli and 8AE on his new single “To The Money.” The hip-hop and house hybrid reimagines hip-house from the ’90s and its last incarnations on Diddy’s Last Train To Paris and Azealia Banks’s “The Big Big Beat.” The Chicago native brings back the heat of his city’s legendary house music history with the added fire of two women emcees. He says, 

“Dance music is Black music. My goal is to bring that conversation back to the forefront. Coming from Chicago I’m very much inspired by the pioneers of house and techno. This track is very exciting for me because I had the opportunity to experiment with a new sound and bring on artists that I believe in – Flo Milli and 8ae.”

NEZ’s “To The Money” is the perfect walk between two genres that have also gotten along together in the past.