SHOUT SISTER SHOUT! Musical About Sister Rosetta Tharpe In Development

SHOUT SISTER SHOUT! is a new musical about the life of rock and roll pioneer Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Today the creative team was announced in a press release and playwright Cheryl L. West, director Kenneth L. Roberson and arranger Joseph Joubert are currently developing the show. Tharpe’s career started in the ’30s and she was one of the first musicians to use distortion in her guitar playing which had a big influence on people like Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. She discovered Little Richard and is commonly known as the Godmother of Rock and Roll. 

The musical is inspired by Gayle L. Wald’s 2007 biography Shout! Sister, Shout: The Untold Story of Rock-and-Roll Trailblazer Sister Rosetta Tharpe. In 2019, Lizzo and her guitarist paid tribute to Tharpe with a musical performance on Saturday Night Live. The show is West’s second Broadway production.