Hiatus Kaiyote Give Preview Of New Album Mood Valiant With Get Sun Feat. Arthur Verocai


Hiatus Kaiyote is releasing their third album this summer and they share a bit of it with “Get Sun” featuring Arthur Verocai. Mood Valiant follows their 2015 sophomore release Choose Your Weapon. The drums of “Get Out” rumble low and become ensconced with royal brass horns. Lead singer Nai Palm sings in frustration about the emotional barriers blocking love. The band started recording Mood Valiant in 2018 and took a break when Palm was diagnosed with breast cancer and took time off to have a mastectomy. She bravely faced the illness after losing her mother to it and went back to creating as soon as she regained her strength. In 2019, as she continued to recover, the band traveled to Brazil to work with arranger Arthur Verocai and he added his touch to “Get Sun.” They continued to write songs for Mood Valiant and used the seclusion brought on by COVID-19 to dedicate more time to creating music.  The title is inspired by the fact that Palm’s mother owned two Valiant station wagons and bass player Paul Bender says,

“The title of the album really encapsulates the whole spectrum of the journey. Everyone’s been through some big challenges. I feel like we charged through the mud to get this thing done. And there’s just this valiant, victorious feeling, coming out of storm into calm waters. The sun is shining, we see the shore. We did that! I feel proud of the way this sounds, the emotional depth of it. And I hope that it brings people some sort of comfort in this hard time.”
Mood Valiant will be released on June 25th via Brainfeeder/Ninja Tune.