Mara TK Preps Solo Album & Gives Preview With Bad Meditation


Former Electric Wire Hustle frontman Mara TK breaks out with the solo single “Bad Meditation.” He emerges from the quarantine with a  therapeutic tune about organically processing grief without previous escape mechanisms. In a statement, he revealed how the loss of his grandfather led to creating the song. 

“I tried everything to plug up the void: antidepressants, molly, acid, hiking, running, dancing, Ritalin, one-night stands, six-month stands, spending money on jackets, airfares for bad friends, and so on. Eventually, I shut everyone out and I was finally alone. I takoto tÅ«pāpaku au [translation: I was like the dead who cannot move]. I would put on videos of the old people here talking – interviews with my elders. They said ‘Love yourself, forgive yourself. “

Mara’s grandfather was the link to his Maori/Scottish heritage in New Zealand. The perky movement of “Bad Meditation” is contrasted by  “Toroa/Alabatross” which is the other side of the single. The latter slows things down with a dedication to the Parikha refugee camp for Maorians whose land where Maorians gathered after having their land taken the New Zealand Land Wars. The video for “Toroa/Albatross” also debuted today. Both singles are from Mara’s upcoming album also titled Meditation. The 13-song project will be released on May 7th.