Throwback: Mary Wilson-Red Hot

Mary Wilson recorded her first solo album after The Supremes farewell tour in 1977. Her self-titled album was released in 1979 and was solely produced by Hal Davis who was known for writing hits for The Jackson 5. “Red Hot” was a straight disco excursion that came out just as the genre was experiencing the famous backlash of the Disco Sucks movement.  “Red Hot” still managed to enter the R&B Singles and disco charts despite the attack on dance music. The album was the victim of bad timing and the fact that Marvin Gaye was supposed to produce it but was preoccupied with his divorce from Anna Gordy. 

Wilson recorded three solo albums including a live one. She appeared as a guest on music with Neil Sedaka, The Four Tops, Brenda Russell and Human Nature. Wilson announced on February 6th via her YouTube channel that her first album would be re-released with four additional songs. Mary Wilson: Expanded Edition will be released on April 7th with seven bonus tracks. Wilson died on February 8th, 2021.