Latanya Alberto Is Royal (Recall) (Official Video)

Watch Dutch singer Latanya Alberto convey what it means to be “Royal” in the video for the single. She stars in the clip for the song that claims dignity through self-acceptance and heritage. Alberto shares “Royal (Recall)” before the release of her third EP in April. She made a statement about “Royal (Recall)” in a press release: 

The story is about a black man who faces challenges of cultural trauma which stand in the way of  loving himself and his roots. He goes on a spiritual journey of reflection and confrontation with his black identity, that cause him to seek guidance from his (inner-) younger self. The story also highlights the sense of royalty and richness in the Surinamese and Antillean culture, and the journey of re-discovering those elements inside of us.”

At the end of 2020, Alberto made her COLORS debut. The new EP  follows the previously released Ruminate and Cede collections.