Throwback: MF DOOM-Doomsday


Daniel Dumile rose from the ashes of his former group KMD to reemerge in 1999 as MF DOOM. The rapper’s new persona used elements of the Marvel villain Doctor Doom by donning a mask of his likeness and never showing his face again. “Doomsday” is one of three singles from his Operation: Doomsday debut. DOOM told XXL that his hectic rap was typical bragging and a reminder on the rules of rhyming. He also said in an interview that he planned to take revenge on the music industry in reference to KMD’s dealing with Elektra Records. The group got a deal after their appearance on 3rd Bass’s “The Gas Face” but was dropped after submitting anti-pickaninny artwork for the album cover. 

The new character seemed to represent that idea by revolting against the music industry’s narrow interpretation of rap. DOOM’s mask, semi-abstract words and a sample of Sade’s “Kiss Of Life” was anything but reactionary and made “Doomsday” sound, unlike any other rap artist.  Operation: Doomsday was one of the greatest reinventions of an emcee and the album made DOOM an elusive underground king.

In 2020, MF DOOM collaborated with Bishop Nehru on “Meathead,” Rejjie Snow and Cam O”bi on “Cookie Chips” and BADBADNOTGOOD on “The Chocolate Conquistadores” for Grand Theft Auto Online.