Rapper Aina More Shares Video For Destiny

South London rapper Aina More just released the video for her new single “Destiny.” The video is a stylish bragging session with her and some friends posing for the camera on a basketball court and in the streets. She reveals how occupied she is with finishing her next EP and how she has little time for anything else. The regal-sounding sample of horns is taken from Seun Kuti’s Bad Man Lighter.” A few years ago her profile was raised after she was included on The Brit Awards compilation. More’s confident flow comes from her beginnings as a spoken word artist. As for the story behind “Destiny” she says, Rapper Aina More Shares Video For “Destiny,”

“With what I’ve been creating lately, there’s so much that I’m going to give of myself musically in the coming year, I have this unquenchable hunger to express myself freely, and ‘Destiny’ is the first part of that. Lyrically, I needed to remind everyone of just who Aina More is, and overall, I feel it represents my identity well, even down to the Oye 2.0-directed visuals – I’m very authentically Yoruba, but I’m also that girl that grew up in London, and sometimes I let my ego just do its own thing.”

More was last heard from last year on the single “My Awilo.” “Destiny” is a good way to end the year and build expectations for her next EP.