Liam Bailey Releases Ekundayo Album Stream

Liam Bailey’s Ekundayo just arrived after a prelude of singles in previous months. Baily’s new album is a warm excursion of R&B and reggae. Leon Michaels, who worked previously with Baily on their song “When Will They Learn/I’m Gonna Miss You,” produced Ekundayo. The title means “sorrow becomes joy” in Yoruba, which is mostly spoken in West Africa. The heavy Jamaican influences are what Michael admits were deliberate because  “This is the record we always wanted to make.” The music is the result of Bailey’s struggles to be an authentic artist through the years. His time on a major label after being discovered by the late Amy Winehouse were difficult because of the restrictions he experienced working with mainstream producers. If anything Ekundayo is an artistic reckoning that has taken him back to the roots of his creativity.