Throwback: Run DMC-It’s Like That

Run DMC introduced a new style of hip-hop with their debut single “It’s Like That.” The hard beats, shouting delivery and leather suits were unlike the more carefree approach of previous artists like Kurtis Blow or The Sugar Hill Gang. Their raps about the toughness of capitalism and the stupidity of racism was on their group’s self-titled 1984 debut album. Run D.M.C. achieved many firsts with this album including a fresh sound, look, rock and rap blend (“Rock Box”) that was the premier rap video on MTV. Run, D.M.C. and Jam Master Jay became hip-hop’s ambassadors to the world with the release of their initial album. Their rise was compared to The Beatles and they would become hip-hop’s inaugural superstars. Jam Master Jay introduced the concept of a DJ being a band to mainstream audiences. The new era they introduced also led to them becoming the first rappers to get a major endorsement two years later when they released “My Adidas.” “It’s Like That” is the beginning of hip-hop’s Golden Era and the album was the beginning of rappers becoming pop stars while maintaining their creative integrity. Run D.M.C. recorded seven studio albums before disbanding in 2001. In 2020, Jam Master Jay’s murder was solved and the remaining group members Run and D.M.C. appeared on Public Enemy’s What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down? album.