Public Enemy Reminisce In Animated Video For Public Enemy Number Won Feat. Run DMC, Ad-Rock & Mike D


Public Enemy release animated video for “Public Enemy Number Won” featuring Run DMC, Ad-Rock and Mike D of The Beastie Boys. They become animated characters among archived footage of the band, posters and old flyers. Chuck D explains that the song is a tribute to “Public Enemy No. 1” from their first album that helped them get signed to Def Jam. “The song is an homage to ‘Public Enemy No. 1′ and that moment in time. The Beastie Boys and Run-DMC were playing it all the time and Rick Rubin kept coming at us to sign with Def Jam. So it’s my way of bringing it all back together again.” Public Enemy just released their timely What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down? as the world argues over whether climate change is real. Rapsody, George Clinton and Nas are some of the guest appearances on the album. 


Public Enemy photo by Eitan Miskevich