James Chatburn Drops Faible Teil 1

James Chatburn Credit: Shari Marks

James Chatburn reveals the first half of his debut album with Faible Teil 1. The singer released the singles “In My House,” “Jewellery and Gold” and “The Hurt” earlier this year. He explained the introspectiveness of Faible in a press release: 

 “For as long as I can remember before people spoke so openly about it, I had these issues with anxiety, I kind of wanted to explore these ‘weaknesses’ that we are all susceptible too. I mean the way I am wired led me to be quite insular and creative especially when I was in my teens. I now see how much of a strength it can be, it opened up my empathy and creativity and I think we all have these things we gotta talk through, if we talk about it we can band together and be stronger for it.”

Chatburn produced the album with David Tobias and they worked through his vision of hip-hop, soul and psychedelia.