Throwback: Kool & The Gang-Celebration


Kool & The Gang were on their 12th album, Celebrate, in 1980. This album was the second one produced by Brazilian musician and producer Eumir Deodato. The band had redefined its sound after the disco era with Deodato as well as vocalist James “J.T.” Taylor. Their jazz, funk, R&B and pop influences were reshaped by these two new additions to the group and enabled them to fulfill their destiny as a great band. Robert Bell, a co-founder of the band, credits a lyric from their song “Ladies Night” and the desire to write an international anthem as the catalyst for writing “Celebration.” His brother Ronald Bell, who was another founder of the band, was inspired by a passage in the Quran. Whatever the specific origins were of the song, it can be agreed that all nine songwriters were committed to writing an upbeat tune to commemorate good times for people everywhere. “Celebration” became their only number-one single and their most well-known song. They succeeded in making a universal party anthem because “Celebration” was embraced around the world and was a Top Ten hit in the United Kingdom. Kool & The Gang has over 20 studio and live albums, having last released Kool & The Holidays in 2013. In 2016, a Jersey City street was named “Kool And The Gang Way.” In 2020, Ronald Bell passed at the age of 67. Kool & The Gang still tours nationally and internationally. 

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Brian Asselin
1 year ago

One of our favourite bands!