Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step Plus Del The Funky Homo Sapien Collaborate On Rebellion

Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step have gotten together with Del The Funky Homosapien for “Rebellion.” A founding member of Fishbone and the legendary West Coast rapper trade words about the people’s discontent with displacement and cops too eager to shoot. Moore explains:

“‘Rebellion’ is about fighting back and was inspired by the Sioux Indian tribes’ attempt to gain back their land from the US government that was forcibly installing a pipeline across the Missouri River, their rightful Sioux tribal territory. The organization that goes by the name EARTHJUSTICE engaged in a battle against the authorities until they won and the judge shut down the project, discontinuing the pipeline project. This re-iterates in a quote from the song, ‘It’s a rEbellion – it ain’t a truce.’ I also wanted to get Del to collaborate with me on this matter because I felt that Del being a rebel with a cause would be perfect for this song and his opinion on the matter.” 

Earlier this year Moore & The Brand New Step released the single “Los Angeles” which was dedicated to his life as a native of the city and what that has meant for him. The trials of COVID-19 hasn’t stopped the band from making music. Listen to “Rebellion” and hear Moore and Del give sonic form to some of the anxiety and restlessness taking place right now in America in the midst of the pandemic and on the eve of election day.