Throwback: Shalamar-This Is For The Lover In You

Three For Love was their fourth album and was seen as the highest point in their creativity. “Make That Move” was the leading hit single from the album but “This Is For The Lover In You” became a “wedding song” and would be Shalamar’s entry into subsequent generations. Babyface made his own version in 1996 and got the classic lineup of Hewett, Jody Watley and Jeffrey Daniel on it with LL Cool J. They all performed the song together that year on the UK’s Top of The Pops. Shalamar recorded 10 albums collectively with various members before breaking up in 1990.  Jody Watley left the group and went solo and became a Grammy-winning pop star before the decade was over. Howard Hewett disbanded from Shalamar to become a platinum-selling R&B singer. Jeffrey Daniel taught Michael Jackson how to moonwalk and worked as a choreographer with Vanessa Williams, Sheena Easton, Paul McCartney and more. He became a judge for Nigerian Idol in 2010. Hewett, Daniel and Griffey’s daughter Carolyn still tour as Shalamar.


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