Hip Hop Public Health Premieres Let’s Talk About Salt Video Featuring Cheryl “Salt” James

Hip Hop Public Health held its virtual Remixing Public Health Gala live on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. The New York non-profit hosted over 500 people to celebrate the work they have been doing for over 15 years to inspire lifestyle changes and raise health literacy. It was at this event that they debuted their “Let’s Talk About Salt” video featuring hip-hop legend Cheryl “Salt” James. The animated feature seeks to educated about better eating habits and the dangers of too much salt. The rapper, who is one-half of Salt-N-Pepa, said: “When blessed with a platform, you’ve got to use it for his glory and spread the word, whether it’s for your mental, physical or spiritual health.” 

Hip Hop Public Health remixed the group’s 1991 hit “Let’s Talk About Sex” which sampled The Staple Singers’ “I’ll Take You There” because it opened up a dialogue about the A.I.D.S. pandemic at the time. The HHPH version was funded in part by The American Heart Association’s New York City Community Impact Grant and encourages the prevention of hypertension. A group of artists, doctors, public health experts, designers and producers were engaged to create the song and was developed by an all-woman team of designers from Mylo The Cat and Cartuna. 

Multi-platinum composer Q. Worthy co-wrote the song with Stephanie Chambers and co-produced it with Jose Sanchez. The track was remixed by producer, DJ, percussionist, and BYLR Radio Station co-founder, Dee Wiz. Hip Hop Public Health founder and renowned neurologist, Dr. Olajide Williams, hypertension expert Dr. Andrew Moran from the New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, and board member Dr. Olugbenga Ogedegbe from New York University’s School of Medicine also weighed in with medical oversight.

SWV, Jordin Sparks, Ashanti, James “Jimmy” Maynes and members of En Vogue were present to offer congratulations to Salt. Advisory board member Darryl MC McDaniels from Run DMC and Public Enemy frontman Chuck D. spoke and reminded everyone of the power of hip-hop. Dr. Olajide Williams co-founded the non-profit in 2006 with legendary artist Doug. E. Fresh who hosted the gala and emphasized: “We must emerge from this moment with supporters like you, knowing that we did everything we could to help close the disparity gaps and save lives.”

To learn more about Hip Hop’s Public Health Gala visit www.hhph.org.