Afropunk Presenting All-Digital Festival This Year


Afropunk is presenting an all-digital festival this year to bring together the largest virtual gathering of Black creatives worldwide. Planet Afropunk: 2020 Past, Present and Future Is Black will take place October 23-25th. The festival is inspired by all of the social unrest that has happened this year and continues with the response to the police who killed Breonna Taylor not being charged for a crime. 

Planet Afropunk wants to nurture the debate, activism and interaction around racial injustice which is something that usually happens at their physical festival. There will be a space to explore the issue of racism, politics, meditation and Black self-care. The event happens 10 days before the 2020  United States presidential  election and wants to encourage the Afropunk community to vote. According to a press release these will be this year’s digital destinations supported by many partners and BOSE: 

  • Ideaville, powered by Target, will be one of the most exciting and anticipated destinations at Planet Afropunk. With keynote speakers, Afropunk Solution Sessions and luminary interviews, Ideaville will empower connections between people, ideas and solutions. With Afropunk, Target will spotlight Black voices and stories, while creating a safe space for all of Afropunk’s communities, featuring a Black Queer Town Hall and community soapbox. 

  • Bites&Beats will return this year presented by Grubhub, which will be offering virtual festival-goers access to Black-owned restaurants in North America, which will serve-up curated menus for this year’s festival. 

  • Art & Times will create an immersive gallery experience, celebrating hand-picked work from South African artists in collaboration with Esprit, showcasing how unusual and original combinations create something truly unique.

  • Hair & Beauty Village will explore all of the facets of Black hair through the eyes of creators, innovators, visionaries and artists to manifest conversations, creativity and community. Hair plays a central role in the identity, self-concept and political consciousness of Black people, and Maui Moisture will be powering important conversations on-platform for festival-goers. 

  • Activism Row will generate discussions on prison reform, the failings of the criminal justice system and the systemic racism and segregation plaguing the school system with Ben & Jerry’s, which is leading the social mission to eliminate injustices in Black communities. Non-profit organization AARP will also be celebrating Black roots and activism through a video tribute and encouraging voter registration. 

Planet Afropunk: 2020 Past, Present and Future Is Black will be a free event and festival-goers will be given an option to donate money to organizations including Black Futures Lab, Color of Change, Movement for Black Lives, Equal Justice Initiative, Fair Count, and The Bail Project among others. 

Spendthrift Market will feature a curated selection of black-owned vendors from around the world. Guests will discover makers and creators across many different product areas including beauty, fashion, wellness, gifts, services and more. 
To be a vendor at the upcoming Afropunk Online Festival, fill out this form.

The full line-up will be announced in the coming weeks and the festival can be streamed at with exclusive content on Facebook Live from October 23 to October 25.