Throwback: Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick-The Show


Doug E. Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew broke legendary status with “The Show” in 1985. The four-member included DJs Barry Bee and Chill Will and Slick Rick who was using the name MC Ricky D. The bragging about their supreme stage presence became the epitome of ’80s hip-hop with a  sample of the Inspector Gadget theme for the melody.MC Ricky D’s reminder to Doug to put his Bally shoes on and that he had six minutes before showtime became a universal catch-phrase for hip hop fans. The single was remixed and added to the first Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew album Oh, My God! was released the following year in 1986. The popularity of “The Show” was only eclipsed by the original’s B-Side “La Di Da Di” which was their other great collaboration. “The Show” continues to assert its classic place with succeeding generations and introduce Doug E. Fresh’s pioneering of the beatbox. Doug E. Fresh still performs in 2020 and he is also the spokesperson for Hip Hop Public Health Education Center at Harlem Hospital Center.