Liam Bailey’s Angel Dust Is The Latest From Ekundayo Album

Liam Bailey by Cristian Sanchez Verona

Liam Bailey’s “Angel Dust” is a reggae blast about a difficult love. It is the fourth single to appear from Bailey’s forthcoming Ekundayo album. The steady and serene reggae beat lessens the disappointment of a soon to be gone relationship. Leon Michels of the El Michels Affair produced the song and gave it a vintage but digital sound at the same time. Ekundayo will come out on November 13th. 

            Ekundayo Tracklisting

1. Awkward
2. Champion
3. White Light
4. Don’t Blame NY
5. Cold & Clear
6. Angel Dust
7. Fight
8. Vixit
9. Ugly Truth
10. Young In Love
11. She Hates This Life
12. Where Do I Start?
13. Paper Tiger