Throwback: Barry White-Practice What You Preach


Barry White’s “Practice What You Preach” was the height of his ’90s comeback.  The singer had his biggest successes in the ’70s and was lucky for the nostalgia for that era that popped up during the ’90s. White, Gerald Levert and Edwin Nicholas wrote “Practice What You Preach” which landed on White’s 1994 Icon Is Love album. White’s unmistakable baritone was as reassuring and romantic as it always had been. His legacy as a premier balladeer proved to have longevity and the single also became his first number one on the R&B album chart. The Icon Is Love was nominated for a Best R&B Album earning White his ninth nomination. He would win two Grammys for his 20th and final album Staying Power which was released in 1999. Barry White passed in 2003 and is remembered as one of the leading R&B love men of the past five decades.