Throwback: Foxy Brown-Get Me Home Feat. Blackstreet


Foxy Brown’s “Get Me Home” was the first single from her debut album Ill Na Na. The song is built around Eugene Wilde’s “Gotta Get You Home Tonight” which was sampled by the Trackmasters who produced it. Teddy Riley’s R&B group Blackstreet appeared on “Get You Home” smoothing out some of Brown’s Brooklyn bravado. The Hype Williams-directed video received a lot of exposure and cemented Foxy Brown’s presence as one of the most important women in rap at that time. Ill Na Na earned platinum status in less than six months and moved Foxy Brown from underground status as the voice on Jay-Z’s “Ain’t No Nigga” to out in the spotlight as a legitimate solo artist. Foxy Brown’s fourth album, King Come Soon, is visual and has a tentative release date. In 2020, she reconnected with Nas and AZ to reform their group The Firm and perform “Full Circle” for Nas’s King’s Disease album.