Listen: James Chatburn: Jewellery And Gold


James Chatburn shares “Jewellery And Gold” ahead of his album release. The song is the second single from his upcoming debut Faible. Chatburn, who is a native of Australia based in Berlin, made a statement about “Jewellery And Gold”‘s creative blueprint.

“It started off as a noughties Pharrell/Neptunesy kind of vibe, but then I replaced the original synth with a piano and I decided to go for this throwback soul feeling, coming back to this Neptune’s vibe in part c. As an indie artist, I don’t live off much money, but sometimes I think, damn it would be nice to have a little more, even if I know that’s not gonna solve anything”  

The warmth of Chatburn’s breathy tenor makes the prospect of receiving gems believably romantic. The singer released “In My House” earlier in the summer and Faible is scheduled to come out before the end of 2020.