The Kingdom Has Come with KingdomPay, a Revolutionary Black-Owned Social Mobile Banking App from Actor / FinTech Entrepreneur Brandon T. Jackson and Tech Pioneer Mark Bush

Brandon T. Jackson Mark Bush Credit: Que Coleman

Los Angeles – The Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with the recent civil unrest, has created a tumultuous climate for unheralded change.  Inspired with a vision for empowering communities of color while bridging the racial wealth gap, comedian/actor/producer and now FinTech entrepreneur Brandon T. Jackson and Technology Pioneer Mark Bush knew it was time to catalyze these chaotic energies in preparation for a brighter future.KingdomPay, the first Black-owned and operated social mobile banking app, that serves as a digital wallet, streaming, and texting platform is their offering for the new, emerging landscape. 

KingdomPay is a revolutionary, next-generation payment and lifestyle platform designed to galvanize the financially excluded while directly stimulating economic growth and spending in marginalized communities.  The KingdomPay app launches this summer and boasts affordable, tech-driven personal financial and banking products, for everyone from the disadvantaged “unbanked and underbanked” to the savvy cost-efficient consumer.

While the popular mobile payment service, CashApp currently holds the lead market share in the FinTech app category for usage among African Americans, KingdomPay will boast a wider range of service deliverables, including integrated digital payments, the KingdomPay Mastercard, real-time bank transfers, desktop applications, and online banking with printed transactions sheets.  Most unique to KingdomPay is the “Cause 2 Fund” program where money can be funneled back into the community with a round-up cents option.

Mark Bush is a veteran in the field of tech innovation.  His company, SongPro, pioneered the first African American owned portable digital multimedia device manufactured in history. The SongPro device entered the market in the early 2000s as a peripheral for Game Boy systems that enabled MP3 to play on the system. For Bush, however, KingdomPay is more than just another new app creation. KingdomPay is a mission.

Mark Bush has tragically experienced firsthand how economic disparity fuels injustice. A native of Chicago, raised in the Robert Taylor Homes inner-city housing project, the Black Lives Matter Movement strikes a strong and sensitive personal chord with him, dating back to when he was three years old.  As detailed in “Occupied Territory: Policing Black Chicago from Red Summer to Black Power” by Simon Balto, Bush’s older brother, Ralph, 23, after being arrested for loitering and stealing a bottle of whiskey, was tortured and brutally beaten to death by five police officers inside the local 11th St. precinct station.  For Bush, his brother Ralph Bush was George Floyd! 

“KingdomPay is a tangible fiscal opportunity to effect and instill social change in the Black community,” cites Bush.  “Right now, 97% of what the Black community spends goes outside of the Black community.   With KingdomPay, we are positioning ourselves on the financial front lines for economic recovery.  I’m most proud of our ‘Cause 2 Fund’ program where the change from the user’s spending can be redirected to community organizations and charities. By allocating financial resources to organizations of our choice, we get to directly impact our communities and create solid avenues for reform and restitution.”

Audiences know and love Brandon T. Jackson for starring roles that include films “Tropic Thunder,” “Lottery Ticket,” and “Percy Jackson & the Olympians,” and as a cast member on the VH-1 show “Wild ‘N Out” with Nick Cannon.  Jackson is also the son of the renowned Bishop Wayne T. and Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson, founders of The Impact Network.  The Impact Network is the largest and only African American founded independent, international, inspirational TV network broadcasting to over 88 million homes. Jackson’s quest for KingdomPay is rooted in a deep commitment and devotion to uplifting the Black community, not only monetarily but spiritually.

Jackson explains, “This is really a profound time for Black people. The world is finally acknowledging on a grand scale, our value.  But perhaps more importantly, we as Black people are valuing ourselves.  KingdomPay is a game-changer in the digital wallet space. As Black businesses link into the KingdomPay platform, we are providing an unprecedented opportunity for Black consumers to support Black-owned businesses.  Our mantra is ‘KingdomPay because Kingdom Pays!’ I made a promise to God at the onset of my career, that if He granted me fame, I would build His Kingdom. I am happy to be fulfilling my destiny. Beyond just financial equity my mission is one of fostering spiritual equity as well.”

Internationally renowned social media influencer and community activist, Rizza Islam is KingdomPay’s most vocal brand ambassador.  His passion for KingdomPay has already paved inroads with generating excitement for the app.  “This is what our people needed. Our ancestor’s dream of having true freedom is finally being realized and I never thought it would be in my lifetime. I am honored to be a part of history but more so, our future.”

For more information and to stay updated on the release of KingdomPay, log on to the website at Join the movement and follow KingdomPay on Instagram at @kingdompayofficial and on Facebook at @kingdompayofficial. [youtube id=”cZzyZVuGj9k”]