Inner City: We All Move Together Album Stream

Inner City Louisa Tratalos

Inner City reemerges after a 28-year hiatus with the full-length We All Move Together. Kevin Saunderson and Paris Grey set the standard for techno when  “Big Fun” and “Good Life” became international dance hits 32 years ago. They would have more success with “Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin'” and “Pennies From Heaven” that included Saunderson’s ex-wife Ann. The group disbanded after the release of Paradise, Fire and Praise and Saunderson continued to make music under his many different monikers including E-Dancer, Tronikhouse and Reese. Inner City regrouped in 2017 with Saunderson’s son Dantiez and then singer Steffanie Christi’an joined the fold. We All Move All Together has brought the Inner City sound into 2020 by staying true to the original blueprint that was already futuristic. Idris Elba opens the album with a poetic introduction on the title track. There are also guest vocals from ZebrA OctobrA. The group played a series of European festivals last year including the Glastonbury Festival. Their touring plans for the new album were stopped like everyone else’s due to the pandemic. Despite their inability to go on the road, We All Move Together has the driving energy needed to help people get through the unrest taking place around the globe.