Cassowary Releases Video For Starlight


[youtube id=”zsbZsl_kXdU”] Cassowary delivers a video for the vocoder soul of “Starlight.” Kate Diliberto brings the song to the visual world with animation. Cassowary explained the approach in a statement: 

“When I approached Kate with the idea, I explained this to her and it was easy for her to run with it. I love her artistry and so that allowed me to really trust her direction and let her have fun with it. What ended up was something beautiful. Kate really laid into the celestial vibes behind ‘Starlight’ and more literally displayed the difference between me as an artist and perhaps me as the star(alien) that I wish to become.” 

“Starlight” comes from Cassowary’s recently released eponymous debut album. The song about pursuing fame versus being an artist is on the tracklisting that blends jazz, hip-hop and R&B.