Radiant Children Give Another Album Preview With Mariposa

Radiant Children by Hélène Feuillebois

Radiant Children share another song from their forthcoming debut album with the punchy “Mariposa.” The trio explain, “Mariposa is about transition and the ability to change/evolve… our mental migration patterns are what allows us to grow and tap into new energy sources once thought not available to us. Mariposa. An ode to self-care, Mariposa! Don’t you be ashamed to take the day to treat you nice! Fly, RC” The band released “Sky Mind” back in May as they get closer to the October date for the availability of the album. The band has been growing their fanbase since their music was featured on HBO’s Insecure and their first EP TRYIN’ came out in 2018. [youtube id=”bVV0UCX3Dck”]